The ‘National Association of Italians in the World’ (A.N.I.M.)


The former ‘Association of Baresi (people from Bari) in the World’ has been replaced by the ‘National Association of Italians in the world’ (A.N.I.M.), a non-governmental organisation promoting social progress and based on volunteering. It is non-party, non-denominational and inter-ethnic. The A.N.I.M. wished to set up branches throughout the country and the world. Its president is Mr. Antonio Peragine, reporter and director of the online newspaper ‘Il Corriere Nazionale’ (available at www.corrierenazionale.net).

The ‘National Association of Italians in the World‘ (A.N.I.M.) follows the footsteps of the former ‘Association of Baresi in the World’. The latter, founded in 2008, developed internationally and started its own online newspaper, ‘Il Corriere Nazionale’. It is an independent newspaper, which belongs to the ‘United Federation of Italian Press Abroad’ (F.U.S.I.E.).

The ‘National Association of Italians in the World‘ (A.N.I.M.) aims at expanding worldwide. Its goal is to propose new ideas and possible solutions to the problems of Italian people in the world and those of foreign immigrants in Italy.

The association also wants to have a significant impact on the cooperation policies for cultural, social and educational development and humanitarian aid throughout the country and the world.

The association works hard to promote a sustainable human development.

The association will be inspired by the principles and guidelines of the U.N. World Summits, as well as the E.U.’s guidelines and policies on international co-operation and migration.

In order to pursue its goals, the association wishes to:

1) Take action in order to facilitate social, economic and cultural changes thanks to national, European and international programs and projects. These have to promote cooperation, humanitarian aid, peacekeeping and decentralised cooperation.

2) Implement projects aimed at helping emerging countries to develop their own economies independently. Start sectoral, multi-sectoral or combined programs, whose goal is to strengthen international cooperation.

3) Undertake Development Education activities in order to raise public understanding of the problems of the South and overall development. Promote Intercultural Education initiatives in order to direct positively the dynamics of social changes linked to migration.

4) Provide vocational training, refresher courses, advanced training, internships and information for school staff and for a wider range of recipients, such as young people, women and immigrants, thanks to community, national or local projects.

5) Organise all those services that may contribute to the integration of immigrants in society.

6) Broadcast its own studies and research, educational supplies, brochures, books, magazines, audio-visuals, CDs, printed and online newspapers, web-TVs and anything useful for the association purposes.

7)  Implement initiatives to protect migrants’ children or migrants who are orphans or have been abandoned or abused. Promote agreements with third parties working in the service sector (voluntary associations, non-governmental organisations and non-profit organizations) in Italy and abroad.

8) Establish charitable institutions, Tax Assistance Centres (C.A.F.), conciliation bodies, assistance for families and national/international adoptions.

9) Provide training and advanced training courses in different social and economic sectors for people who are disabled, disadvantaged, unemployed, detained, juvenile detainees, intellectually unemployed, women, children under educational obligations and any other person who, under current legislation, is entitled to training courses. Provide continuous training courses on health-care, agriculture and technology. Promote and realize socio-cultural initiatives consistent with the aims of the A.N.I.M.

10) Carry out studies, surveys and prevention campaigns on early school leaving, even in prisons and institutes for prevention, and promote school mediation activities.

11)  Start refresher and advanced training courses and workshops for school staff, even on how to assist disabled people.

12) Establish partnerships, agreements and accreditations with public and/or private bodies and companies and with national and international associations and organisations, in order to promote and affirm human rights. For this purpose, it facilitates economic, social and cultural solidarity actions.

13) Promote active labor policies.

14) Implement provision of employment, brokerage, reconciliation, staff recruitment and selection, support for redeployment.

15)  Integrate all the national and international components of the A.N.I.M structurally and functionally, through an information exchange system, database management, project sharing, participation and activities.

16) Set up an observatory for monitoring migratory phenomena – ‘Observatory of Italian Emigration in the World’ (O.E.I.M.), made up of experts from all over the world for collecting and updating relevant data. Create a research center for processing and disseminating these data, supporting all the initiatives taken by the ANIM. Propose the U.S.P.I.M., (‘Department for Social Policies of Italians in the World’), a project that could be a great deal to the millions of Italian people living abroad. Promote also the culture of social citizenship, integration and intercultural dialogue among peoples.

17)  Promote national and international cooperation projects aimed at improving the living conditions of Italian communities abroad and at broadcasting Italian language and culture.

18) Ensure a wider dissemination of the activities of the A.N.I.M., through exhibitions, workshops, conferences, publishing products, printed or multimedia publications, the web and participation in film productions and advertising.

19) Develop initiatives aimed at maintaining and strengthening the links between Italy and emigrated Italians, their families and descendants, in order to enhance the sense of Italian identity and to meet their need to get back to their roots.

20) Assist Italian migrants detained abroad and their families and protect their rights and interests in Italy.

21) In order to carry out its institutional activities, A.N.I.M. can take advantage of:- Members who voluntarily cooperate at provincial, regional, national and international levels- Volunteers from community and psychological services- Volunteers from national civil service 22)A.N.I.M. pursues its aims through the activities of its own branches in Italy and abroad and/or through agreements with third parties.   To be a member of the association and have further information write to:



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