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Today, thousands of young people leave their hometowns, full of hope and ambitions, to go and study somewhere else. After secondary school, many people make this decision because they want to attend a better university in another town. It is not easy at all but they do it fearless in order to live a unique experience.

At the station, you see many young people taking their suitcases full of dreams in September. Trains are packed with students, seniors and beginners, with a passion in common that is studying. Parents of all kinds get emotional the same way, as they have to say goodbye to their children.

Students who do not study in their hometown have to struggle a lot more but their life is full of attainments. Living alone in another town means growing up fast. It is hard to overcome the first obstacles and failures but such experience will make you stronger.

You will become more independent. You will learn to cook, do the washing up, clean the house and do many other things your parents did for you. You will not be pampered and you will feel homesick sometimes but you will get used to it.

You will live your life autonomously but you will have to take advantage of your autonomy deliberately. All this will make you more responsible and more aware of the potential risks and dangers of life.

You will certainly have housemates with whom share a flat. You will learn to live with people who are not your family and to respect their habits and opinions. Taking part in home life will help you to get closer, but only if there is collaboration.

You will meet new people, make new friends and maybe find love. Studying in another town is an adventure, as you do not have any restraint. You will feel free to do what you want and how you want. You will live different experiences and your life will never be flat. It will be a discovery for you, as you will get to know different cultures, mentalities and opinions.

You will make many sacrifices but you will be rewarded by as many satisfactions at university and in your life. You will grow up and you will meet wonderful people that you will never forget. You will get to know people with your same interests, who will support you.

It will be hard to go on and you will feel like giving up. You will be wondering several times if what you are doing is right or not. Be patient because the answers you will be looking for will come unexpectedly.

You will be suddenly thrown into adulthood but living alone at the age of 20 will make you stronger. It will take you a long time to become familiar with a new town and new habits. Some people will do it in a few weeks and some others will need months.

Be far-sighted, grit your teeth and do not be afraid. You will often feel far from home and family but do not forget that your anchors will always be with you despite the distance. Sometimes you will feel alone but you will learn to replace those sad moments with unforgettable moments you will spend with your new friends.

Be aware that you will have to overcome your limits and become adult. So take all the time you need and consider all the pros and cons. You will never be a hundred percent sure of how what will happen but you have to try.

Leaving will be exciting but sad at the same time. Saying goodbye to your family for the first time will be a bit tragic but, over time, you will get used to your new life. When you will go back to your town one day, you will feel strong emotions and you will appreciate it more.

You will only understand these words when you will live this experience personally. Certainly, many of you are already identifying with what I have told you and will agree or disagree. The only advice I can give you is to make your dreams come true no matter where you have to go!

Giuseppe Alessio Armenise


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