This bike disguised as a car is a brilliant geek dream come true


Biking to work may be the choice mode of transportation for some, but if it’s cold out, it’s a lot less attractive. Here’s a creative way to stay warm on a bike in colder climates: Turn your ride into a car!

Sweden-based entrepreneur Mikael Kjellman has designed a pretty rad four-wheel bike concept called PodRide that can handle the harsh weather of the region — something he uses to commute into work every day. Covered in full fabric and a waterproof body to keep dry, it looks more like a car than a bike.

Kjellman recently posted his creation to crowdfunding site Indiegogo for a kit that would allow people to build their own similar vehicle at home.

According to the Indiegogo page, the PodRide is powered by an electric bike, with 14-speed bicycle gears. The maximum speed is about 25 km/hour, and it can travel about 60 km on a charge — good for a commute but not necessarily a road trip. Steering occurs via two levels positioned on the sides of the seat. Brakes are built into the handles.

The PodRide has the same seating position and height as a small car, so drivers can be easily spotted in traffic. But it’s also narrow enough for bike paths.


While it’s certainly not as durable as a traditional car, it has bells and whistles that go beyond your traditional bike: It features a heated windshield, studded tires and a trunk to stash your stuff. And you don’t need a driver’s license to operate it.


Kjellman’s creation isn’t entirely new — he’s been posting videos to YouTube for a few months now — but the new Indiegogo campaign is bringing more attention to the quirky yet practical concept: it’s already received more than $20,000 in backing, about 70% of its overall funding goal.

However, supporting the campaign won’t get you a PodRide of you’re own, but it’ll help you get a discount. The total cost for a final production model is expected to cost $2,800.

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