‘Collecting’? Let’s do it more!

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You cannot talk about Art without talking about Collecting. 

A collector is a buyer. In the past, there were PATRONS whereas today, there are SPONSORS, who allow artists to earn their living and do their job. Artists will hardly handle to go on without sponsors, even if there are geniuses. More and more often, they have a second job indeed.  Everyone likes to be surrounded by certain objects, which arouse particular feelings, such as attraction, interest or possession. Many people, in particular, prefer to have several types of objects, which are characterised by different: age, coin, shape, shades or variety. This penchant for objects and this passion for ever-growing collections are known as “COLLECTING” in everyday language. At first, many objects are collected almost unconsciously. A collection may include a more or less wide range of objects, different in size, type, age and colour. Shades make collections original and give them a pleasing appearance. Such objects can be of little or no value but they are anyway interesting and exceptionally rare. The desire to own a once-off object motivates collectors to search for objects in order to fascinate people.

Each person has inside the innate sense of collecting that appears at some point, thanks to external incentives or inner needs awakened. Searching, collecting and organising the pieces is what collectors do in their free time. This passion effectively fills up the empty spaces of their days and, at the same time, it stimulates invention and enhances knowledge. After all, human mind is so full of creativity that it always suggests new forms of collecting. The latter can be isolated events or can interest more people becoming a new trend. The recent “discovery” of phone cards is increasingly captivating many young and old people, raising an ever-growing interest.  Collecting enables us to make a constructive and satisfying journey through our past and our traditions, digging up the remains, maybe unknown or forgotten, of past civilizations that evolved. Recovered objects make us think about the memories of our past, historical events and characters, cities that have changed and monuments or buildings transformed or disappeared. In this fascinating world, stamp collecting is still predominant and stamp collectors are the most active, organised and determined.

Stamp collecting is more alive as it is characterised by deeper tradition, culture and charm specially universality. Stamp collecting also means association and pleasure to get together to facilitate research, to exchange impressions and to learn new things.

Stamp collecting allows us to make that journey in memory and knowledge, which is also a means of cultural and social development.

Collecting and stamp collecting in particular can be easily done by young and old people and, more significantly, by people who can find in them satisfaction, getting rid of their sense of inferiority, asserting their personality and their hidden creativity.

For this reason, this ‘vehicle of culture’ must be enhanced in today’s society and fostered by cultural programs.

Our editorial team exhorts you to start collecting. 

Collectors from all over the world please write to us! ‘Il Corriere Nazionale’’s newsroom will offer you a 15-minute video interview for free!

Write at redazione@corrierenazionale.net!

Maria Catalano Fiore

Translator: Giuseppe Alessio Armenise (gwiuseppe.armenise@studio.unibo.it)

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