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10 anniversario del Trofeo Moto GuzziIl Trofeo Moto Guzzi, partito con 13 piloti, nel 2008, il “13” ha portato fortuna e son più di 100 i “novelli piloti” che si sono avvicendati tra i cordoli in pista in questi 10 anni, nelle diverse categorie.

Il principio del “divertirsi in sicurezza”, girando in pista, viene “arricchito” dalla formula del campionato di Regolarità, che consente a tutti i Guzzisti, sia con moto “Vintage” (oltre 20 anni) che con moto Moderne di poter vivere tutte le emozioni di una gara.Verifiche tecniche, prove cronometrate, giro di allineamento, giro di ricognizione, semaforo rosso /verde Via e bandiera a scacchi sono gli ingredienti di qualcosa di unico…Difficile, per chi ha provato, non rimanerne coinvolti, anche perché la formula di Regolarità consente di correre anche con una moto di serie e senza particolari preparazioni.

La licenza per correre (Tessera Sport FMI) è facilissima da richiedere e viene richiesto solo il certificato medico per attività non competitive (come per andare in palestra, piscina, etc.).

————– ENGLISH —————

Moto Guzzi Trophy Act 10

Next April, on the 22nd. and 23rd., among the green hills of Varano De ‘Melegari (Parma), we’ll be raising the curtain on the tenth – yes, you read that correctly – the “tenth” edition of Moto Guzzi!

A ten year “career” for a motorcycling initiative of such indubitable breadth that few brand clubs could boast of having organised it in the time or have been able to offer it to its own membership, even today.

Something that was started quite by accident, has had the honour of steadily establishing itself until it’s become a significant sporting event.
Objective achieved? Undoubtedly, because we knew this was just the first of a series of milestones we had to achieve. Because nobody, neither the organisers or the participants had any intention of stopping, and because so many “Guzzisti” dreamed about having a chance to finally witness the track debut of a new sporting event – “Moto Guzzi” – for so long.

Subject to one important assumption, Moto Guzzi riders will this year “warm their first tyres” during the penultimate weekend of April (Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd at Varano De ‘Melegari) and on 20th and 21st May, find themselves on the prestigious circuit at Vallelunga (RM) and, later, on 24th and 25th June, between the kerbstones in Adria (RO).

After the summer break, there are two unmissable dates from the Italian Motorcycle Federation to mark on your calendar: Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September- Imola, before the season ends on 7th and 8th October, on the prestigious scenic track at Misano Adriatico.

In any event, as is now customary, as well as being designed to keep the costs of taking part down, this is directed towards rewarding consistent lap times (regularity) and not the global speeds of performances.

All in all, apart from wanting to get more people onto the track and, as a consequence, to get them to drive more safely on the road, there is the further aim of safeguarding the aesthetic appearance and valuable engines of the individual vehicles engaged in the race, whether they are testimonials to the historical heritage of Moto Guzzi (the past), or more sublime expressions of Motorsport architectures whose elegant lines distinguish them from the more recent “made in Mandello del Lario” creations.

A warm invitation is extended to all our friends, be they old or new, who want to meet up with other Guzzisti enthusiasts at the box that Moto Guzzi World Club makes available to its members at all race weekends as a meeting point.
Whether you come for the track events, or just to socialise, there will always be someone waiting to share the same passion with you here.

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