Obamacare is ‘dead’ hails triumphant Trump



Donald Trump has netted a victory in his battle to undo Obamacare, but it maybe short-lived.

The House of Representatives has narrowly backed a bill to repeal and replace the signature domestic achievement of the previous president, which enabled 20 million more Americans to get health insurance.

The vote is Republican Trump’s biggest legislative win so far, but it is now heading for a likely battle in the Senate.

“We knew that wasn’t going to work. I predicted it a long time ago. I said it is failing and now it is obvious that it is failing. It is dead. It is essentially dead. If we don’t pay lots of ransom money over to the insurance companies, it would die immediately,” said Trump.

He continued: “This has really brought the Republic Party together. As much as we have come up with a really incredible health care plan.”

Insurance companies are fleeing ObamaCare – it is dead. Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles – and be great healthcare!

Despite holding the White House and controlling both houses of Congress, Republicans have found overturning Obamacare politically perilous. This is partly because of voter fears that many people will lose their health insurance as a result.

If it goes all the way, Trump will fulfil one of his key campaign promises, as well as a seven-year quest by Republican lawmakers.

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