Londra: proteste a Downing Street . video


Protesters are due to march on Downing Street in London on Saturday, June 10, rallying against the UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed alliance with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

May was forced the seek backing from the hard-right Northern Irish party after the Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in the 2017 UK general election earlier in the week.

May has expressed her intention to remain as UK prime minister with the help of the DUP, despite calls from both the opposition and members of her own party for her to step down. The UK leader has been heavily criticised for allowing the Tory’s to lose seats to Labour, whose popularity surged in the election, in what was expected to be a landslide victory for the Conservatives.

Many voters in the UK have reacted negatively to the proposed alliance between the minority Tory government and the DUP due to the unionist party’s stance on LGBT rights, climate change, and several of its members’ alleged relationships with protestant paramilitary groups during the Troubles in Norther Ireland.

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